KPH was "On Air" again
QSP from Eric Earl, Atlanta GA. - Bericht: H. Busch

Der als "night of the nights" angekündigte "Event" unter dem Namen "HISTORIC COAST STATION KPH RETURNS TO THE AIR!" lief ab 13. Juli 2001 00:01 utc. Hier in Norddeutschland war nach 00:00 utc lediglich auf der Frequenz 17016,5 kHz etwas zu hören. Es reichte aber nicht, um die Meldung(en) aufzunehmen. Die 12808,5 kHz war sehr laut von VTG (Bombay Naval) mit CW belegt, auf 4, 6 und 22 MHz war absolute Ruhe und auf der 8 MHz belegte ein Printer die Frequenz.
Eric Earl in Atlanta GA. hat den grössten Teil der Begrüssungsmeldung aufgenommen.
mni tks / 73 for QSP:

Ladies and gents
Just received on 12808.5 from KPH:

V's de KPH
Please standby for a special message
QSY  426 KC/s
V's de KPH
Please standby for a special message

KPH presents greetings to listeners world wide and to all the ships at ... this is the second annual commemorative Broadcast from KPH, dedicated to the men and women around the world who ... bravery and skill have brought honor to the ti...... of radio telegraph. The ...   morning KPH will send traffic lists and weather information just as the station did when it was in daily operation. But in addition we will send special commemorative messages, ... sent by hand by members of the original KPH staff as well as operators from KFS. And of course we will listen for calls from ships at ..  KPH is transmitting on 4247.0, 6477.5, 8642.0, 12808.5, 17016.5 and 22577.5 kc HF and on 500 and 426 kc MF. KPH operators will listen for calls on 4074.0 , 6276.0, 8368.0,12552.0,16736.0 and 22280.5 kc on HF and 500 kc on MF KPH is operated by the maritime radio historical society in cooperation with the Point Reyes national seashore part of the national park service. 
We wish to extend special thanks to the ... fine folks at the P.rks for their support of this project. Without whom KPH would stay cold and silent today.
We also wish to thank Globe Wireless , the current owner of the KPH license, for generously making ... operational frequencies available for this broadcast. This Broadcast would not have been possible without their cooperation.
...... reports for this broadcast may be sent to Tom Horsfall, 1862 Tulare avenue, Richmond, CA 94805 
Hope you enjoy this broadcast and that it brings back memories of the days when the bands were alive with
morse signals.

00:17:03 UTC
Best Regards and 73's
Eric//    Atlanta.
Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Web-Seite der Maritime Radio Historical Society:
Dick Dillman, W6AWO
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