Globe Wireless beendet SITOR-Betrieb
Diese Meldung wurde aus zwei e-mails zusammengestellt
Received from: Densham and Associates - the GMDSS specialists

- Effective 2001 August 01, the Globe Wireless Maritime Digital Data Network will cease to support traditional radio telex operations (NBDP Sitor). Ships will no longer be able to send or receive radio telex messages via the GW network.
There will be no FEC broadcasts.
-       There is no global fully automatic nor semi-automatic commercial maritime radio telex system in existence.
-       There is no DSC based global commercial radio telex system in existence.

The major radio telex stations around the world have shut down. A few semi-automatic and manual HF radio telex stations remain but the numbers are diminishing steadily. The simplest and most universal way to test your DSC and ability to link in the radio telex mode, if you have the radio telex option, is to make a DSC call on an appropriate DSC distress and alerting channel, using the MMSI of a specific GMDSS station. 

The demand for Sitor service has been declining very steadily since the full implementation of GMDSS. We have been steadily eliminating Sitor channels. And, as the message says, all of the major stations are already
closed. Portishead, Norddeich, Singapore, etc., etc. You will find the NBDP frequencies very quiet these days.
Customers no longer want NBDP because they now have the email option. Faster, cheaper and provides all the advantages of email such as attachments with graphics, etc.
Running radio telex over a high speed email system is like riding a bicycle down the highway and holding up the traffic. This evolution is driven by customer demand.
I don't think that the IMO really cares since GW never did provide any distress and alerting or compulsory communications services on Sitor.
However, every communications service, even mobile 'phones, is used for safety communications if it works well. We handle some kind of emergency communications every day but it is all automated.
Anyway, the text of the GW message is a draft and suggestions for changes in the wording are very welcome.
I'd also be happy to try answering any questions or concerns anyone may have.
Peter Kierans
Globe Wireless

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