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On 30 th June 2002 at 2359UTC Australian Coast Stations Brisbaneradio/VIB, Darwinradio/VID, Melbourneradio/VIM, Perthradio/VIP, Sydneyradio/VIS and Townsvilleradio/VIT will officially close down. 
Our final broadcast will be made on frequencies 2182, 4125, 6215, 8291, 12290 and 16420 khz at approx 2350UTC. 
Australia’s coast radio service started in February 1912 – two months before the Titanic disaster and has continued uninterrupted through two world wars but has not survived technology, business or government legislation. 
The guarding of the airwaves in the Australian Search and Rescue Region will now be handed over to a New Zealand company, TVNZ, who have constructed two new radio stations at Charleville in Queensland (Callsign VIC) and Wiluna in Western Australia (Callsign VIW) and will provide Digital Selective Calling (DSC) facilities with follow-on communications via R/T or FEC modes. 
At this time we remember and salute all the radio officers past and present who without their dedication and skill, many lives on the high seas would have been lost. 
Peter Hewitson 

Informationen darüber, wie man ab 1.7.2002 für die Gewässer um Australien einen WX bekommt erhält man auf dieser Seite:

fllwg info about the same subject fm Allen Fountain, Utility Editor Australian DX News:

Further to Robert's posting about the changes to come into effect on 1 July for AUS Coastal Stations.

Final  broadcasts on 2201, 4426, 6507, 8176  & 12365 over the long established AUS Coastal Stsations will be during the hours preceding 0000UTC on 1 July.

First scheduled broadcasts from the AUS Bureau of Meteorology stations VMC Charleville (Australia Weather East) and VMW Wiluna (Australia Weather West) are due from VMC on 4426, 8176, 12365 & 16546 at 0030 on 1 July, and from VMW on 4149, 8113 & 16528 also at 0030  on 1 July.
>From 0900 - 2100 daily 2201 & 6507 will replace 16546 on VMC 
>From 1100 - 2300 daily 2056 & 6230 will replace 16528 on VMW
(Note that the 12MHz frequency listed for  VMW  in earlier information  is not available at present due to use of the frequency by ZLM  Taupo Radio NZL.)

RADIOFAX    5100, 11030, 13920, 20469 formerly AXM will change from Navy transmitters at Canberra to VMC at 0000 on  1 July 
Former AXI frequencies  7535 & 15615 broadcast from Canberra since 20 August 2001 will change to VMW at 0000 on 1 July  also AXI frequencies 10555 & 18060 off air since 20 August 2001 will commence on VMW
at  the same time.  From 1100 - 2100 daily  2626 will replace 20469 from VMC and 5755 will replace 18060 on VMW

Scheduled MSI broadcasts  by the new  Australian Maritime Group stations on 8176  are as follows:
Adelaide 0357 & 0757, 
Cairns 2357 & 1257
Darwin 1157 & 0957, 
Gladstone 0857 & 1157, 
Hobart 0557 only
Melbourne 0257 & 2157, 
Perth 0657 & 1057, 
Port Hedland 0457 & 0857
Sydney 0057 & 1457. 
Scheduling arranged to fit in with use of frequency from VMC

Note:  Coast Radio Adelaide will use Royal Flying Doctor Service station at Port Augusta (VNZ)  Coast Radios Perth & Port Hedland  will use existing Western Australian Police stations.  (VKI) Coast Radio Melbourne from existing HF facility at  Point Lonsdale Lighthouse.

24 hour monitoring of Distress & Safety frequencies 4125, 6215 & 8291 will be by the Australian Maritime Group stations. Urgent warnings will be broasdcast over these frequencies if  necessary.

Allen Fountain
Utility Editor
Australian DX News

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