Bordzeitung von 1906
Quelle: United States Early Radio History - Zusammenstellung: © Heinrich Busch, Berne

Der kombinierte Fracht- und Passagierdampfer "Hamburg" der HAPAG wurde im Sommer 1906 mit einer Marconi-Funkanlage ausgerüstet. Die Anlage wurde von Funkern die bei der Marconi- Gesellschaft angestellt waren, bedient. Das 1899 für den Postdienst nach Ostasien beim Stettiner Vulcan gebaute Schiff machte im Herbst 1906 eine Reise mit mehreren Hundert Passagieren vom Mittelmeer nach New York. Waehrend der Reise erstellten die Marconi-Funker acht Ausgaben der Hapag-Bordzeitung "The Atlantic Daily News". Diese Zeitung bestand aus zwei oder drei Seiten Werbung und einigen Seiten mit Witzen und leichter Lektüre. Die erste Seite war jedoch mit Nachrichten aufgemacht, die täglich von Küsten- funkstellen der Marconi- Gesellschaft im Morsecode verbreitet wurden.
Die Nachrichten für die ersten 6 Ausgaben dieser Reise wurden von der Küstenfunkstelle Poldhu in England aufgenommen, fuer die zwei weiteren Ausgaben kamen die Meldungen von der Marconistation bei Cape Cod Mass.
Hier sind die Nachrichten der ersten Seite der "The Atlantic Daily News" vom 29. Oktober 1906, aufgenommen von Polhu sowie vom 7. November 1906, dem letzten Reisetag, aufgenommen von Cape Cod:

Atlantic  Daily  News

A Daily Newspaper containing the latest Marconimessages from the shore, reports of occurrences on board, feuilletons etc.
Hamburg-Amerika  Linie
Issued everyday and distributed among the passengers of the Hamburg-American Line, free of charge.
=For terms of advertisements apply to Hamburg-American Line, Dept. "Atlantic Daily  News"=
 S. S.  "Hamburg" No.  1 Monday, 
October,  29th  1906
    The passengers of the 1st and 2nd class are requested not to throw money or eatables to the steerage passengers, thereby creating disturbance and annoyance.
Wireless  News
received by Special Marconigrams direct from Poldhu.

Russian  Terrorists.
    ST. PETERSBURG, Oct., 28th.  The capital was yesterday the scene of a daring robbery perpetrated in the heart of the city. -- A Government van conveying the receipts of the Customs, accompanied by a strong escort was held up by Terrorists two bombs being hurled at the vehicle. 
    A terrific explosion ensued but without many fatalities many of the escort and bystanders being wounded. One of the bomb-throwers was killed. 
    The robbers were successful in securing booty to the extent of $ 193.000. 
Additions  Russian  Navy.
    CRONSTADT, Oct., 28th.  It is authoritatively stated, that the Russian Government has decided on the construction of two powerful ironclads presumably to be of a type similar to the "Dreadnought". They are to be over 20.000 tons each powerfully armed. 

Marlborough  Separation
    LONDON, Oct., 28th.  It is stated in high social circles of the Metropolis that the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough have signed a deed of separation on the ground of incompatibility. The Duchess will retain the charge of the children until they are of the age for schooling. 

New  San  Francisco.

    LONDON, Oct., 28th.  The Mayor of San Francisco in an interview yesterday declared that the new city when completed will be the finest in the world. -- Skyscrapers will not be permitted to be erected. He considered that the earthquake served a good purpose as old San Francisco was constructed on insufficient foundations and it has been the means of obliterating sections, which were intolerable in a modern city. 

Moroccan  Trouble.

    MADRID, Oct. 28th.  The situation of affairs are again assuming a threatening aspect. 
    French and Spanish warships have been despatched to Moroccan waters. 
    If found necessary forces will be landed. 

Emperor  William  applauds  Roosevelt.
    BERLIN, Oct. 28th.  The Kaiser yesterday attended a lecture delivered by Professor Burgess of Columbia University. 
    At the conclusion of the lecture His Majesty called for three cheers for President Roosevelt saying in the course of his speech that the President was the incarnation of all the good qualities of his people. 
Local  News.

    Yesterday and the last 24 hours the "Hamburg" was in communication with the Italian land-station at Capo Sperone-Sardinia. Also with the White Star steamer "Republic" from New York. 
    The Republic experienced very fine weather chiefly easterly winds. 
    Today Communication is expected with Gibraltar early. 

    Under favorable conditions the "Hamburg" will arrive at the Rock about noon. 
Long  Distance  News.
    In order to prevent any misunderstanding Passengers are hereby informed, that these telegrams are received by direct wireless communication with England and not through the medium of passing ships. 


Atlantic  Daily  News
A Daily Newspaper containing the latest Marconimessages from the shore, reports of occurrences on board, feuilletons etc.
Hamburg-Amerika Linie
Issued everyday and distributed among the passengers of the Hamburg-American Line, free of charge.
=For terms of advertisements apply to Hamburg-American Line, Dept. "Atlantic Daily  News"=
 S. S.  "Hamburg" No.  8 Wednesday, 
November,  7th  1906
Wireless  News
received by Special Marconigrams direct from Cape Cod.

Heavy  Storms.
    HALIFAX, Nov., 6th.  During Sunday and Monday a severe gale has been blowing causing considerable damage and many wrecks on the coast of the maritime provinces. The Schooner "Torridon" of North Sydney coal laden has gone ashore on Meiniors Island and become a total loss. Four of the crew are missing. 
Russian  Rapine.
    MOSCOW, Nov., 6th.  A band of masked robbers made a raid on the "Loukiinoff" Monastery during Sunday night. -- The monks offered resistance with the result, that the Abbot General and the Prior of the Monastery were killed. 
    The marauders looted the building despoiling the chapel of its sacred objects and eventually made good their escape succeeding in carrying away with them a large sum of money. 
Mexican  Fraud  Case.
    MEXICO CITY, November, 6th.  Mr. J. E. Starr Hunt has been acquitted of the charge of fraud brought against him in connection 
with the settlement of the affairs of the International Bank and Trust Company. 
    This Company failed in 1903. 
    In connection with this case charges arose and were preferred against Ambassador Thompson. 
United  States  Elections.
    NEW YORK, Nov. 7th.  Weather conditions throughout New York and other Eastern States have been perfect. In the extreme Western States stormy weather prevails. 
    In New York State and the city the voting has been very heavy. 
    Both Republicans and Democrats claim election by large majorities -- Vote large in most sections of the country -- Fortytwo States elect members to Congress and twentytwo elect Governors. 
    The elections are proceeding very quietly throughout the country. 
    President Roosevelt voted at Oyster Bay and afterwards returned to Washington. 
Republican wins Hughes elected 30,000 Plurality.
New  York  Weather.
    NEW YORK, Nov., 6th.  Fair weather continues today forecast for Wednesday partly cloudy with fresh northerly winds. 
Local  News.

Marconi  Station.
    Today the "Hamburg" has been in communication with the shore-station at Siasconsett Mass. and the Cunard Steamship "Caronia" outward bound from New York. 
    Tomorrow communication is expected with Sagaponack, Long Island. Telegrams may be despatched to all parts. Ten words to New York $ 2,25, address and signature not counted. 
    This entertainment will take place immediately after the finish of the Captain's Dinner. 
Arrival  New  York.
    Under favorable conditions the ship is expected to arrive at the Company's pier at Hoboken about eight o'clock tomorrow evening. 
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