Vincenc M. Grgic, S52CC

Vincenc M. Grgic, S52CC  was born in Slovenia in 1944. Graduated  from Higher Marine School  in Rijeka (Croatia) in 1967. Sailed for 5 years on board Yugoslavian cargo vessels. Acquired 1st Class  R/O license in 1969. In early 70's founded a family  and   stopped sailing, working for 19 years in data processing and microfilming. Renewed the license and went to sea again in  1991. Sailed on board flags-of-convenience ships for another 7 years. Described this life period in a 530 pg book  titled Pomorscakov kruh  (The Seaman's Bread),  published in 2007, ISBN 978-961-218-617-3.  Amateur radio call S52CC (ex YU3TRI/MM, YT3CC).
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