Elektromekano M 97
Fotos (4) und Bericht © 2006: Frans Koop PA1SR

Oben:  Allwellenempfänger Eletromekano M 97  Frans Koop, PA1SR, hat diesen Empfänger nicht nur wieder in einen betriebfähigen Zustand versetzt sondern auch äusserlich in die hier abgebildete Form gebracht. Er schreibt über das Gerät: Traditional tube receiver technique 1960, 18 tubes (without SSB: 16 tubes). Single conversion below 3.7 MHz (MF 560 kHz, Double conversion 3.7 MHz – 26 MHz (MF’s variable 1200 - 1300 kHz + 560 kHz).  
Oben:  Blick in die rechte Seite des Empfängers  Double pre-selection below 7.0 MHz. Triple pre-selection 7.0 - 26 MHz. Calibration every 100 kHz point. Tuning: Below 3.7 MHz the big spinner knob after calibration. Above 3.7 MHz: Calibration every 100 kHz with big spinner knob and fine tuning within 1 kHz with fine spinner knob on 0 - 100 kHz scale right under on the main scale. Or for the coaststation transmitting bands frequencies choice between 19 x-tals. They cover each 100 kHz. Pre-selection must nevertheless be peaked on maximum signal strength. Also the antenna trim condensator. Bandwith: Sharp: 0.5 kHz with switching on 2 crystals in the first 560 kHz LC-filter. Narrow: 2 kHz, Medium: 4 kHz , Wide: 8 kHz. For CW and SSB productdetectors are switched on. Modes: CW-AM-SSB. For USB a separate x-talfilter is installed. (togheter with Narrow the best results). LSB via CW, the BFO 30 degrees turned to the right and Narrow filter gives good results with AVC switched on long because the applied productdetector. Image rejection >70 dB up to 26 MHz. IF rejection >90 dB. Sensitivity : 0.2 uV gives an understandable CW signal. Tubes: EF 85, EBF 80, ECH 81, EAA 91(noise limiter), EL 95, ECF 80 (calibration oscillator), OB 2.= 73, Frans Koop, PA1SR
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Tks for the outstanding job you have done and for this ufb report = vy 73 HBu +

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