IRME Lince
Fotos and Report by courtesy of : Alfredo DE CRISTOFARO, IK6IJF

This Transceiver was made by the Italian Factory IRME "INDUSTRIE RADIO MECCANICHE ELETTRICHE" in Rome. 
The transceiver is powered by 12 Volts and has 7 XTAL-positions (+2182) in transmission and 5 XTAL-positions (+2182) for reception. The receiver has free tuning marine band from 1500 to 4000 kc/s and plus free tuning Medium Frequency Broadcasting Band (525 to 1500 kc/s). Two-tone-Autoalarm is on board, the receiver is solid state with IF 455 kc/s and the transmitter has one tube 6DQ6 for driver and two tubes 6146B for PA. The anodic voltage is made by Survoltore. The type of emission is A3H only, and the power is 130 Watts.

Abb. (1)  Quelle/Source: Sammlung/Collection Alfredo de Cristofao, IK6IJF (by courtesy of IK6IJF / Mit freundl. Genehmigung 2007)
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